Experts in Data Science

Use Topcoder’s Data Science expertise to explore, predict, optimize and solve problems with your data. Our process ensures that your data is never compromised and you get exceptional results.

Why choose Topcoder for data science?

  • Data science geniuses

    We’re not exaggerating. Topcoder data scientists have expertise in AI, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and more.

  • Better solutions

    Our average data science challenge attracts dozens of world-class data scientists and multiple top solutions per challenge. You get outstanding outcomes from this breadth of talent.

  • 20+ years of expertise

    We have been hosting data science competitions for the world’s biggest brands for two decades. The Topcoder process ensures your data is never compromised and you get exceptional results.

Get started with data science at Topcoder.

A few examples of what we can do for you.

Algorithm improvement

Improve accuracy, precision, speed, or all of the above.


Meet your data storytelling needs with dashboards in Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI.

Data Exploration

We accumulate data every day in the course of life and business, yet rarely have the time to give it a closer look. Get multiple fresh, expert perspectives to identify the patterns and relationships in your data. They might just be the key to your next ‘Aha’ moment.

Computer vision

From discovering objects in space to cancer treatment through AI, our community’s driven many ‘first’ and ‘best’ solutions in computer vision. Apply that same talent to your computer vision goals, faster, better and cheaper than traditional approaches.

Problem statement & data advisory

Problem statement & data advisory is for those asking themselves: How can I apply data science to this idea or goal? How will I interpret solutions, and how will that help me take action? What data do I need?

Find me data

Sometimes data is the only thing standing between you and something great. Tell us what you’re solving for, and let our experts find the data to get you started now.

Predictive analytics

Who doesn’t want a crystal ball? Predict behavior, events, conditions or values from time series data.


Ask the Topcoder community to provide advice for how to approach a given problem, supported by examples.

Data anonymization

From obfuscation to differential privacy, or over to synthetic data generation, Topcoder can advise and help you implement what’s needed to make sure your data’s secure AND still valuable for analysis.

Crowd consulting

De-risk difficult problems and address project ambiguity with a Q&A-style collaboration with our experts.

Data cleaning

Your data’s not ready for prime time? Topcoder can help. “Data cleaning is the process of fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset” Get cleaner data faster through our expert community.