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Topcoder is supercharging productivity and creativity through Innovation Challenges

We’re solving the toughest and most common problems in tech and AI through a series of competitions with a special focus on AI innovation.

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Innovation Challenges make it possible to experiment, execute, and launch at scale.

There’s a gap in real-world applications of AI and we’re here to bridge it with the brightest minds around the world. According to McKinsey, 90% of business leaders want to use AI, but only 20% actually leverage AI consistently at their organizations. In response to this, we have proactively curated a series of challenges designed to ignite creative solutions at an accelerated pace.

Each month, our platform hosts Topcoder Innovation Challenges aimed at addressing intricate technological challenges. We meticulously identify and focus on the most pressing issues within the industry, tailoring these challenges to highlight and cultivate highly sought-after skills.



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Current Challenges

IntelliForm Bot (GPT)

Develop a GPT bot capable of guiding users through completing any form they upload, ensuring accuracy and understanding of instructions. The bot infers context from the provided form, It converses with the user, asking follow-up questions when needed, and alerts if an answer seems incorrect. Users can correct answers and revisit previous elements without redoing the entire form.



Feb 12

’24 Launch

14 days


We’re hosting monthly Innovation challenges.

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Past Challenges

IntelliCase Bot (GPT)

Develop an Advanced GPT-Powered Conversational Agent that can search and retrieve case studies based on user inquiries (even without perfect keyword match), provide insightful responses with personalized recommendations, all while preserving data location and privacy through an on-premise design.



Dec 14

’23 Launch

22 days


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With new Challenges launching on the Topcoder platform every month to address tech’s high-priority problems, your project can slot right in.Want to integrate GenAI into your product? Need to prove the efficacy of your algorithm? Now’s the time to put your idea in front of the world’s most talented experts at Topcoder.

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This is your opportunity to flex your most in-demand skills. Stay updated to join in on opportunities to compete and earn cash prizes every month.With each new Innovation Challenge, apply your expertise, hone your skills, and compete with other talented specialists in the community. Have fun and create impact.

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