Bringing a Global Tracking Blockchain Proof of Concept to Life

”Topcoder’s portion of the POC definitely benefited Xerox — because it gave us insight into a new approach to software development, and potentially gave us a new option to use when developing software.”

Jonathan Levine, Senior Solution Architect, Xerox


Wipro partnered with Topcoder to rapidly explore design concepts for a Product Lifecycle Tracking app utilizing Blockchain technology for Xerox. The challenge: demonstrate how Blockchain technology can be used to provide new levels of visibility into a Xerox-related value chain: the print hardware lifecycle. This application would show how blockchain supports the autonomous functioning of each supply chain element while providing consistent information to Xerox and its partners.


Xerox is a global enterprise that designs and manufactures print equipment, and sells print and digital document solutions, business services, and technology products in over 160 countries.


The Results

Topcoder delivered sixteen unique design solutions, which afforded Xerox a variety of different approaches to solving their problem. Each solution addressed the complexities of tracking an item across many different companies and software systems over its lifetime, providing a unified view of the entire distributed value chain. The winning UX/UI allowed for different users to visualize and navigate between high-level and detailed views across multiple nodes.

The Business Impact

Topcoder enabled Wipro and Xerox to quickly and cost-effectively build out the concept for a Blockchain powered Lifecycle tracking application. Through the agility of crowdsourced design talent, Xerox moved rapidly from concept to PoC, and delivered on their goal of exploring Blockchain’s potential to ignite their business.