How to Deliver User-Centric Mobile Experiences That Wow


We expect the world from apps these days — and we can. With more competition than ever for screen and storage space on our phones, it’s important for businesses to create apps with user experience in the forefront. Tricky thing is, user experience isn’t just one thing; it’s every facet of your app, its purpose, and how a user interacts with it — from sign-up screen to graphics, menu navigation, and beyond.

Creating a compelling user experience on mobile

How do you begin to triage and fix your existing user experience or create a great one from scratch? With a guide, of course. Our latest ebook, How to Nail User-Centric Mobile Experiences, details the high points of user experience, as well as the granular details involved in developing, designing, and curating an app users can revisit, love, and recommend. In it, we provide you:

  • The most up-to-date UX rules

  • Insight into typography, visuals, and layout trends

  • Modern mobile typography 101

  • The ins and outs of mobile-first design

  • Next steps on leveraging the user journey

Whether your app is in need of rescue, a redo, or you need help getting started with app design and development, this comprehensive ebook is for you. (And of course, for your users.)