Topcoder teams up with Sina, the AI Storyteller, for the Women in AI Awards

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In 2022, Diversity and Inclusion chiefs have mandates to encourage their employees to pay attention to cultural diversity in and outside their enterprises. Enter IVOW AI’s Sina Storyteller, an interactive voice experience-in-the-making that can share the inspirational stories of your employees and company.


Since 2020, Topcoder has been an IVOW partner in several initiatives, including IVOW’s Women in History Data Ideation challenge and now the Women in AI Awards North America, where Sina will be the official storyteller. The challenges we’ve worked on have revealed an urgent need to properly incorporate women’s stories into AI.

“We are excited to announce the next chapter of our startup story, as we continue to push the boundaries in storytelling for smart devices using conversational AI. We are now building Sina Storyteller, an HR Tech solution for companies to build diversity skills and recognize their employees through their own stories. You see, we know that voice solves distance issues. Sina can help increase our sense of re-connection even while companies are hybrid or remote.” says Davar Ardalan, founder of IVOW AI. Read on to learn more and get involved.


The Women in AI Awards North America is an effort across the US, Mexico, and Canada. The hybrid awards festivities will take place on May 13, 2022 virtually and in-person in Washington D.C. to honor female pioneers who take the road less traveled; the women who pave the way for others to reach even further, and for those who dare to dream even bigger. The applications are open now, so make sure to nominate an amazing woman in the field of AI today: 

“We’re thrilled to continue this partnership with IVOW. It’s important work and the outcome – more effective AI – can have a huge impact. And of course, our brilliant Topcoder members love an opportunity like this! The hard, innovative stuff is often the most fun and most rewarding!”Topcoder’s VP for Marketing Clinton Bonner

Sponsors and partners of this first-ever awards program include us here at Topcoder, as well as Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, The Institute for Education, IVOW AI, and GET Cities, an initiative designed to accelerate the leadership and representation of women, trans, and nonbinary people in tech, lead by SecondMuse Foundation and Break Through Tech and supported by Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates company.


Think of Sina as an AI tool for companies to recognize their employees through voice.

Employees can opt-in to submit their stories to Sina through an automated form on your company’s app or intranet. They can have edit access to update or delete their story whenever they want. This lets your team members learn more about each other by sharing stories about accomplishments, stories about heritage, and even the meaning of their names. Or perhaps a festival that's coming up that's important in their community.

In 2022, the voice industry has progressed remarkably. Smart devices are skyrocketing and they now need a storyteller. Imagine a company hosting a culturally rich AI storyteller that gets better and better with each entry. It's all about the appreciation of inclusion and innovation.

With Sina, your KPIs are clear and actionable. You can allow your employees to rate the storytelling experience. You can test whether you are measuring up to your diversity and inclusion goals.


Imagine Amelia, an employee for a large tech firm, talking to her company app:

AMELIA: Talk to Sina Storyteller.

SINA: Hello. My name is Sina. I’m your digital storyteller. What would you like to learn about today?

AMELIA: Tell me about Nisa McCoy.

SINA: Juanisa "Nisa" McCoy is our Head of Product. She's a Senior Software Engineer and a designer by nature who started drawing before she even knew how to write! Nisa believes that design can bridge the gap between cultures. Would you like me to send you to Nisa’s slack or LinkedIn profile?

AMELIA: Sure, send me Nisa’s Linkedin profile.

SINA: Whom else or what else would you like to learn about today? May I tell you about Bhuva Subram in our AI department or the Spring festival of Nowruz coming up?

AMELIA: Yes, tell me about Nowruz.


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