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We all know work is changing, and workforce strategy is changing too. As the gig economy grows, more and more companies are turning to outside experts to supplement their in-house teams and respond to ongoing uncertainty. We’ve been on the forefront of the open talent movement for over twenty years. Technical experts in Topcoder’s community are available on demand to solve problems and tackle a huge range of tasks. We recently published an ebook highlighting our capabilities and track record of success in Data Science and data analytics. Read on to learn how we help clients solve their toughest data science problems with unparalleled speed and security.

Top Data Scientists On Demand

Of all the things we do, data science and data scientists are among the most coveted. The world is short on algorithmists. Luckily, we have a lot of them, and they are some of the best. Topcoder has brilliant minds who bring unique approaches and world-class solutions to your toughest data science challenges. As an example of doing incredibly specific domain data science, check out this awesome infographic about geospatial analytics. 

Why Use Crowd For Data Science?

Through crowdsourcing and on-demand talent, customers can open up a data science problem to hundreds of thousands of minds around the globe, and compare solutions to find the best fit. We do this while protecting the IP and security of your data. Using Topcoder’s model, you can run a series of progressive challenges that gets incrementally more complex, with each solution getting more niche in the specificity of the algorithm. The crowd can draw on learnings from past competitors and solutions to create the next best algorithm. That’s the beauty of using open talent for data science.

Download The Enterprise Data Science & Analytics Ebook

Whether your solution requires AI, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, NLP, Optimization, or other techniques, Topcoder can help you win with your data. Download the free ebook and see which organizations are already using Topcoder to bolster their data science teams, helping them execute on complex data science projects, with incredible results.



Editor's note: This post was originally published in November 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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