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Why use crowdsourcing to create and optimize algorithms?

Turn big data into big insights.

The Topcoder Marketplace gives you on-demand access to some of the world’s best algorithmists and data scientists—experts in solving complex problems—and the Topcoder Community is ready to begin work on your data science projects today.

Today’s world of big data has made algorithm, analysis, and prediction solutions more important than ever, but the talent needed to develop these solutions can be hard to find.

The Topcoder Marketplace makes it easy to add the data science skills you need to solve your most complex algorithm and analysis problems. You get on-demand access to a global community of competitive programmers and algorithmists who have worked on projects ranging from healthcare and energy to aerospace and the environment.

Experts from the Topcoder Community work with you to analyze your data and translate your business issue into a targeted crowdsourcing competition. All deliverables are fixed-fee and you pay only for the winning solution, not hours.

Algorithm & Analytics Products

You can tap into the crowd for everything from creating and optimizing algorithms to developing data analysis solutions to detect trends and predict outcomes.


DURATION 10 - 14 Days
DELIVERABLES Multiple solution concepts with detailed technical approaches

Algorithm Optimization

DURATION 1 - 4 Weeks
DELIVERABLES Best in breed optimized code, test scenarios, documentation, and approach analysis

Predictive Analytics

DURATION 1 - 4 Weeks
DELIVERABLES Ready-to-deploy code, boosting your predictive capabilities

Look who’s innovating with crowdsourcing

  • NTL
  • HPE
  • Harvard Medical
  • Faith
  • Channel 4

To create amazing data solutions, you need amazing data scientists.