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Re-inventing Digital Fitness Through Mobile Telepresence Innovation

The Challenge


When the COVID-19 crisis shuttered fitness studios across the country, entrepreneur Soofi Safavi saw the devastating effect it had on the instructors who inspired him. As a hot yoga enthusiast, he knew the form-intensive classes wouldn’t translate well to platforms like Instagram and Facebook Live. These failed to recreate the true studio dynamic, and beyond that, instructors had no integrated way to collect donations. As an entrepreneur, Soofi saw the gap and knew he and his team could help. With that, the Wizard.Fit concept was born. The ability to make it happen now was essential—to start immediately and build on an accelerated timeline, to get the app into the hands of the fitness community as quickly as possible—was key to the vision for Wizard.Fit.

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The Solution

Soofi and his team approached Topcoder about leveraging the platform to bring Wizard. Fit to market at hyper-speed. Just four days after the idea was born, work began. The app would be built with two foundational considerations in mind—making sure it’s safe and secure for financial transactions for both sides of the marketplace, and creating a user experience that captures the live studio experience as much as possible for both the instructor and the student.
Wizard.Fit was built with a 100% remote team, including technologists, project managers, marketers, and yoga instructors who beta-tested to provide rapid feedback along the way. They used tools like GitHub, MarveI App, the Topcoder platform, Slack, and others to collaborate and work as a holistic machine at a hyper-accelerated pace.

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Talent Engagement


from 74 countries


27 unique submitters

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Leo Ekstrom Bothman

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Zaire Mango

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Jocelyn Vaccaro

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Norman Onobo

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The Impact

Wizard.Fit was born of the immediate need to solve a devastating problem—a huge community of fitness instructors suddenly facing unemployment in the wake of the Coronavirus. But the long term impact is even greater, providing an amazing global platform for fitness and wellness.

The greatest ideas often come out of the greatest adversity, and Wizard.Fit is a fantastic example of ingenuity in the face of uncertainty. The project is unique for the sheer speed of innovation. The confluence of an idea, on-demand talent, open APIs, and the passion of talented contributors from across the globe personifies the real future of work.


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